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Ruth Demers Memorial Scholarship

These $500 scholarships are given in memory of the late Ruth Demers, longtime Hall of Fame board member. There are two awards, both given out by the RFA Physical Education Department at this time. Although the recipients have changed, currently one goes to a senior male and one to a senior female athlete at RFA, who demonstrates outstanding leadership and dedication; qualities that Ruth exhibited her entire lifetime. There is an application process that must be completed.



Year     Name                            Sport (s)                                                School

2017     Olivia Deraway            Softball                                                 RFA

2018     Anna Loso                    Indoor Track, Track & Field                 RFA

2019     Sarah Crockett             Indoor Track, Track & Field                 RFA

2019     Paige Gotch                 Cross Country, Basketball, Track & Field    RFA (Dollars for Scholars)

2020     Thomas Dunn               Football, Indoor Tr, Track & Field       RFA

2020     Jace Hunziker               Field Hockey, Basketball, Lacrosse     RFA

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