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Rome Pride

The Rome Sports Hall of Fame and Museum (RSHOF&M) is where Romans are able to observe first hand the achievements of their local sports heroes from earlier generations. What is unique about the RSHOF&M is that it presents the visitor with the ability to actually lay his or her hands on pieces of local sports history. A race car on loan from 6 time NASCAR Modified National Champion Jerry Cook, a NASCAR Championship race car from 9 time national champion Richie Evan, a National Championship speed boat from 11 time National Speed Boat Champion Dave Packer, an Olympic Torch carried in the U.S. Torch Run in 1998, a wooden bowling ball and various professional and Olympic uniforms are but a few of the treasures one can find in the Museum.

The RSHOF&M recognizes its local sports heroes in a manner befitting to a sports loving community. Rome has long been a "hotbed" of athletic achievement in the Mohawk Valley. From industrial league baseball, basketball and bocce, or championship semi-pro baseball teams, to producing Olympic athletes, or the standard Friday night high school football game watched by up to 4,000 rabid Rome Free Academy football fans, Romans have always taken their sports very seriously. They also look back at their heroes and reminisce about who was the best, who should have gone pro, and whose career was cut short. The effect of athletics on the community has been significant. Regardless of the number of Romans that do not know what the Museum has to offer them, many hundreds of Romans do appreciate the museum and its contents.

The museum has a Racing Wing and a Sports Wing. The Racing Wing houses the Richie Evans car, Jerry Cook #38 racecar on loan  and Dave Packer's speed boat, along with appropriate artifacts. The Sports Wing houses over 50 exhibits of sports activities related to Rome. These exhibits capture the thrill and the achievements of Rome's gifted athletes with pictures, trophies, uniforms and equipment depicting their days of glory. The inclusive descriptions on the 231 Inductee Plaques gives you a capsule review of the milestones in their sports careers and why they were inducted into The Rome Sports Hall of Fame.

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